Los Coihues



Los Manios, Zona Central, Región de Ñuble, 400 km south of Santiago de Chile.

It will be connected to the National Electricity System (SEN) at the Entre Rios Substation.

The Project

The whole Project is planned to reach 300MW to 350MW in two stages:

  • 1,500 ha – 150MW a 170MW
  • 1,500 to 2,500 ha – 300MW a 350MW


We are concluding the first year of measurements with a tower in the project area and negotiating long-term agreements with landowners for both phases. 

We are closely collaborating with local communities and regional and municipal authorities, holding an Open House in El Carmen. 

Progress is being made with environmental assessments and electrical connection permits. 

Technical discussions with industry-leading technologists and logistical analyses are being implemented to efficiently set up the facilities.

Predio del futuro parque eólico Torre de medición de vientos