We are


We are an international investment company focused on projects that contribute to the transition toward a Net Zero world

We are


We promote clean energy solutions and environmental and social sustainability

We are


We build a cleaner and more sustainable present and future

At HyNewGen, our goal is to contribute to the global economy by promoting decarbonization through the production and delivery of green hydrogen and green ammonia to end-users.
We strive to be pioneers with projects that promote renewable energy solutions and environmental and social sustainability.

Our Projects


Tango is a large-scale green hydrogen and green ammonia production project. We will generate clean energy and through the electrolysis of water it will be transformed into hydrogen and green ammonia. This is how we make a positive impact in the local community and in the world.


We are investing in Chile in unconventional renewable energy projects to contribute to the energy transition and to expand the platform of environmentally sustainable solutions. We promote clean energy projects and contribute to the local energy matrix by adopting creative solutions in non-traditional renewable energies.